Visions of Purity – 2019 – Solo Exhibition

Visionary Art by Sacred Breath
(Dimitra Natskouli)

One human in unity with all beings and with the planet.

Seven angels guarding the vision of a man’s high potential.

Seven visions unfolding in the canvas and unfold within memories of a man’s beauty.

Seven qualities of the human nature remind us the presents that lie within until we open and ground it.

Sacred Breath’s (Dimitra Natskouli) visionary art, with references on the byzantine technique, using as a base acrylics and egg tempera on wood or canvas, and having as tools the symbols and myths, brings to the light seven visions of a new human.

The exhibition takes place in Naxos (Kastro-Ursulines, June ’19) and it develops in Rhodes (Castle, gate D’Amboise, August’19), in Venice art gallery D’E.M. (Nov.’19) and in Thessaloniki (Vafopouleio Cultural Center, Dec.’19)